Streamline your institution’s participation in REF 2021 with InCites and Converis

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Would you like to prepare for REF 2021 in an informed and efficient way?

We know all too well that preparation for the REF is forefront in lots of people's minds right now. As librarians you need to mentor researchers and provide guidance for your institution. The REF provides an invaluable opportunity to communicate the significant ­contribution that your institution is making.  Your researchers  and administrators need a deep understanding of their work in the context of the wider research community.

To prepare well for REF 2021 you need to:

  • Understand the strength and reach of your research output with our benchmarking tool InCites
  • Provide evidence to justify the claims you are making for the impact of your research with an InCites Research Performance report you can tailor to fit your needs and share globally
  • Demonstrate objectively why your research environment is excellent, with the aid of pre-built researcher reports in InCites or collecting all the necessary information for the submission with Converis.

Our products and tools can help you make sense of your data and metrics

The world’s most trusted and largest publisher-neutral citation index has been chosen as the official citation database to provide the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 assessment panels with citation information. So what sets Web of Science apart from the competition?

  • Because we are not a primary publisher, we are objective and can provide unbiased evaluation of research. From the sources we select to the metrics we provide, we are free of any conflict of interest
  • We are accurate and accurate data is the foundation for accurate research and breakthrough innovation
  • We are complete with the Web of Science Core Collection being the most accurate citation index, with each journal indexed cover-to-cover and each cited reference indexed – ensuring the most complete view of the citation network, so you don’t miss vital connections to seminal research.

The Web of Science foundation has been the backbone of global research for over 50 years. Make sure you are one of the 7,500-plus institutions using it!

Using InCites to support research excellence framework requirements

To prepare well for the REF, understanding where you are strongest, providing evidence to justify the claims you are making and demonstrating objectively why your research environment is excellent will all be crucial. With its truley unique view of research evaluation, InCites is the perfect tool for all your planning, helping you with resource allocation and staff evaluation and providing you with a bird’s eye view of the research output from your organization. InCites lets academic, government, funders, and other research organizations conduct analyses on their productivity and benchmark their research against peers worldwide.

To find out more about InCites click here.

Using Converis to support research excellence framework requirements

Managing the complete research lifecycle will be a crucial part of preparing for REF 2021. Converis can provide you with an overview of professional faculty activities across your institution. Our dynamic reporting options and business intelligence allow you to capture and track publications and scholarly outputs. Our powerful interface will provide you with the holistic view you need in order to stay organised and streamline your workflow for REF 2021. To find out more about Converis click here.

Coming soon!
We will shortly be launching a standalone REF module of Converis. This will provide institutions that do not have a CRIS with a centralised system to manage their submission and mock exercises for REF 2021. Contact us to find out more.