Alma. The Right Choice.

Maximize Your Library's Impact.

Unleash your potential.

Increase productivity, surpass patron expectations, exceed institutional goals by joining the Alma community.

Alma is a proven, flexible, and unified library management platform successfully being used by more than 160,000 library staff across more than 2,500 libraries worldwide

Whether managing just electronic resources or both electronic and print, Alma leverages advanced, innovative technology and can be tailored to meet your library’s needs. It presents you with a cost-effective way to simplify workflows, gather deep insights, make smart decisions, provide access to resources, and connect with institutional systems. 

Choose to join a strong, diverse and innovative Alma community. Take your library to a new level and prepare it for the future.
"Alma lets us get materials out so much faster and so much easier."
Matthew Farthing, Washtenaw Community College
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Optimize Your Library’s Impact

Achieve greater success for your library and users with a proven, flexible and unified library services platform. You and your library will operate more efficiently, surpass patron expectations, and exceed institutional goals with Alma.
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Simplify data analysis and processes
  • Capitalize on modern technology
  • Benefit from community collaboration