Generation Z:

Resources to inspire their academic journey

Generation Z students (born between 1997 and 2012) and their successors, Generation Alpha (born 2010 to 2024), have been born into a world of nearly universal use of digital technology, ubiquitous internet access and ever-improving smartphone applications.

These so-called “digital natives” are an intriguing mix of traits – with short attention spans and over-confidence in their information literacy, but also noted for their work ethic and commitment to global issues. These are generations that present both challenge and opportunity to educators and librarians eager to help them reach their academic and professional goals.

​ProQuest, part of Clarivate, designs its research and learning solutions to meet the changing expectations of this generation and inspire their academic journey. For example, ProQuest One Academic combines authoritative video content – often a first stop for Gen Z -- along with more challenging content like scholarly journals and dissertations in a single resource. With ProQuest One Academic, students are introduced to a broad range of multiformat content in one portal, bolstering information literacy and serendipitous discovery. For libraries, this multidisciplinary resource enables them to provide a rich foundation across the curriculum.    
ProQuest One Academic includes four core multi-disciplinary products:
  • Academic Complete- A curated, multidisciplinary collection of nearly 225,000 ebooks
  • Academic Video Online- A comprehensive streaming video subscription with nearly 80,000 titles
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global- The largest curated collection of graduate works of over 5.5 million dissertations and theses
  • ProQuest Central- 30,000 titles across disciplines in ProQuest Central
    • 47 databases containing full text content
    • Some of the world’s most important scholarly publishers including Cambridge University Press, Springer, Nature, Emerald, and others.
    • Essential news content that is increasingly needed from sources such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Le Monde, The Economist, and more.
    • Influential business and current affairs magazines
    • The latest academic thinking in the form of working papers and conference proceedings
Learn how ProQuest resources can help your library meet the needs of this unique generation of students.   

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