Understanding Researcher Challenges – Insights for Research Office & Library Leaders

Are you supporting researchers effectively? An Ex Libris-commissioned report presents findings from a survey of 400+ researchers and research offices senior members, across a range of disciplines.

Download the new market report to discover opportunities for improving the competitiveness of your institution in the face of a changing research landscape, limited resources, and growing administrative burden.

Discover insights, including:


Researcher expectations

What are the main services that researchers expect from research offices and libraries


Administrative burden

Which activities researchers conduct themselves vs. getting help from the library or the research office



Covid-19 impact on funding

How has Covid-19 impacted funding across STEM and non-STEM disciplines



Research showcasing

Which channels do researchers use to showcase their work and how often do they update their institutional online profile

"In 2021, researchers expect more support from the research office, as half of researchers spend at least 30% of their time on administrative tasks instead of focusing on research."

Understanding Researcher Challenges, an Ex Libris-commissioned report, 2021