Industry Report:
2018 IP Operations
Trends Survey

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About the Report

This report includes real-world, real-time actionable insights from law firms and research institutions to corporations and consultancies representing all major industries. It's designed to help anyone immersed in IP operations/administration/docketing, as well as those who lead IP teams and practices, to quickly and easily identify trending issues and leverage the findings to manage IP operations services and solutions as essential investments instead of costs. The survey and analysis reveal that the time has come for the totality of IP operations to be structured, budgeted, managed and evaluated on both a qualitative and quantitative return-on-investment (ROI) basis.

Highlights of the Report

How is your organization managing its IP operations, budgets, docketing, and business processes? In our recent industry report, 2018 IP Operations Trends Survey, we show how modern IP organizations are: 
  • Mitigating risk
  • Optimizing budgets 
  • Supporting pre-filing decisions
  • Managing resources
View our report to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the IP marketplace.
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