Increase Collection Usage

by Streamlining Access to Course Materials

Demonstrate the Library Contribution to Teaching and Learning

Libraries all over the world are working hard to scale up their support for online and hybrid learning: facilitating seamless, off-campus access to course resources, providing replacements for print materials, and swiftly clearing copyrights. Additionally, libraries are also putting an extra emphasis on learning affordability. To do all that, libraries need the right tools. 

The Power of a Unified Solution

Built on the Alma platform, Leganto enables libraries to take a strategic role in the transformation to hybrid and affordable learning:

  • Gain visibility into course resource needs and increase collaboration with faculty with built-in communication channels
  • Leverage analytics to demonstrate the library contribution to teaching and learning
  • Expedite copyright clearance with automated workflows
Library Workflows Rapido Student

Deeper Integration for Greater Efficiency

Libraries make substantial investments in licensing electronic resources. However, these resources are often underused in courses because of a lack of awareness or confusing processes. With Leganto, the library can 

  • Automatically analyze course resource needs and identify gaps in the collection,
  • Leverage automated workflows to ensure students access and
  • Quickly scale up to support more courses.

Let’s connect and discuss how to increase your collection usage.