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Customer Success Story

Deeper Engagement with Students and Faculty

Read how Imperial College London enhances collaboration between library and academic staff to show the power of their library services.

By using Leganto, libraries have a trustworthy course resource management solution at their disposal, which enables them to facilitate active learning and to bridge the gap between library and the classroom. 

Expanding Services Through Analytics
“That includes stock counts, as well as various usage statistics on borrowing, downloading and citation clicks to guide collection development and weeding…. We also provide statistics to external departments within the university. They all have their own idiosyncratic stat requests. Having Alma and analytics really helps satisfy those.”
James Garry, Library Systems Manager
Imperial College London

“Academic staff are enthusiastic that we can give all of their students access to a chapter of a textbook and get them to read what they want them to read, without having to spend all the money to buy an entire textbook. Also, students can't say that they couldn't get hold of the book — 
the chapter is in Leganto.”

Katharine Thompson, Liaison Librarian for Natural Sciences
Imperial College London







Make an Impact as a Library

Save time and increase library involvement in teaching and learning through automated workflows for provisioning course materials. Reduce the risks associated with copyright infringement and develop library collections according to faculty and students’ needs.