Resource Sharing at the Click of a Button

User Experience - Staff Efficiency - Open Community – Forward-Looking

Resource Sharing Through Collaboration

Turn complex and disconnected processes into a seamless experience for both staff and patrons. Built around a resource sharing community – Rapido pods are groups of libraries who agree to the same terms – creating symmetrical relationships. 

The User Experience: A Request Away from Any Item

Thanks to the Rapido shared index and its advanced request tiles, users find their way to any item easier than ever before. The library can provide the user a clear indication of the terms of the loan, such as the expected delivery time, loan duration and send notifications when the requested resource arrives at the library. 
Library Workflows Rapido Student

The Staff Experience: Streamline Library Workflows and Allocate Time to More Critical Services

Most borrowing requests are processed without staff mediation and automatically sent to the lending library, saving many hours previously spent on manual, multi-step processes. In specific cases, Rapido includes advanced mediation rules that allow staff to handle the more complex requests and devote their time to higher-value activities.

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