ProQuest One Psychology

The most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for researching, teaching, and studying psychology

This product offers a collection of information across a variety of content formats that support the diverse requirements of psychology and counseling users, from undergraduates to advanced researchers and faculty.

What's included:
  • Over 1,200 full-text scholarly journals
  • Over 3,000 videos including footage of actual counselling sessions
  • Over 1 million selected psychology-related articles from newspapers and magazines
  • 1,700 transcripts of real-world counselling sessions
  • Over 5,000 books
  • Over 70,000 dissertations
  • Archival materials including books, notes, and videos of influential historical experiments
This expertly curated content sits on a new interface and user experience that is tailored and designed to serve those studying, teaching, and researching psychology.  Much more than just a general cross search of content, this psychology-specific interface helps address the key use cases and tasks undertaken by those who are researching and learning the discipline.

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“ProQuest One Psychology is “one-stop-shopping” for a variety of resources including research studies, theories, therapies, tests & measures, and more in an all-inclusive, user-friendly interface. At first sight, ProQuest One Psychology is a friendly dashboard of psychology content for a new researcher, yet a deeper look reveals the depth of resources to satisfy advanced scholars.” 
Karin L Heffernan, Ed.M, MLIS, Research & Learning Librarian | Associate Professor Liaison to Communications, Psychology & Social Sciences Harry A. B. & Gertrude C. Shapiro Library, Southern New Hampshire University 

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