Increase student engagement

The Academic Library’s Student Reengagement Playbook

Unleash library potential

Discover. Connect. Succeed.

Libraries are in a unique position to support faculty in understanding student behavior and reengaging students at risk. Download this playbook to gain a deeper understanding how your library can:

  • Start conversations with faculty and provost about student disengagement
  • Increase its role in student engagement
  • Utilize library technology to reengage and connect with students
  • Demonstrate library impact 
"Our patrons come in with really high expectations. They expect that there will be an app, as they use apps in every aspect of their lives."
Angela Walker, Digital Library and Systems Manager at University of Salford
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The library at the core of the students’ academic journey

Libraries play a crucial role at the crossroads of education, learning, and student life. By acting as the bridge connecting students to essential services, libraries actively engage with students and contribute to their successful journey toward graduation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and provide top-notch service to your users.

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