Digital transformation at the FGCU Library

enabled by a unified technology foundation.

Unleash library potential

FGCU elevates the impact of the library across campus.

A unified platform with common interfaces and seamless connectivity ensures library technologies work together to help the library to achieve its vision. The library becomes more deeply integrated with the classroom and its collections become more accessible to all users, serving the university’s research enterprise. Additionally, with the single, unified structure of an effective and efficient library management solution, workflow redundancies are eliminated freeing library staff to tackle the strategic work of continuous improvements that keep the library on top of evolving user needs.

Read this free Whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding how the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) library’s unified technology foundation is enabling digital transformation to:

  • Drive student success
  • Improve discovery, borrowing and delivery of its resources
  • Align collections with their user needs 
  • Transform physical spaces 

elevating its service to users and to the university. 
“We’re helping all of our teams accelerate on this all-digital landscape. It’s really exciting because of the sheer number of possibilities. It doesn’t have to just be about a big grand system. Our department is pushing for things that can help the day-to-day.”
Matt Losey, Creative Commons Lab coordinator, FGCU Library
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whitepaper here


Showcase library collections, librarians’ expertise, and library services. 

The FGCU Library's technology is crucial to its ambitious 10-year vision. Its strategic library technologies are designed to elevate service to users and to the university by adapting to evolving student, faculty and community member needs. Read in this whitepaper how library services streamline processes, improve transparency and deliver insights about the library’s pivotal role on FGCU campus.