The impact of Generative AI on libraries

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Safeguarding excellence, embracing innovation

Unleash the power and uphold library values with Generative AI

Valid concerns and challenges surround Generative AI, leading to a growing debate on regulation. However, academic libraries cannot overlook its significant potential benefits. With an objective to deliver optimal service to users, libraries are looking at how their trusted vendors and suppliers may use Generative AI to help them achieve this goal. 
Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, sees tremendous potential for Generative AI. With advances in “conversational discovery,” we can enable libraries to deliver tailored, authoritative content and recommendations to their users without compromising core values.
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  • How to enhance discovery and user services while emphasizing transparency, proper accreditation, and intellectual property rights,
  • How to improve learning outcomes in a more inclusive and holistic learning environment,
  • How to simplify library workflows and empower library solutions
  • How to stay on top of the digital transformation
by leveraging the benefits of Generative AI in academic libraries.

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