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Web of Science Group has remained a publisher-neutral partner to the research community for over half a century, providing research intelligence and workflow solutions to help you understand and expand the reach, value and impact of your library.  

Web of Science Core Collection content is uniquely selective and our indexing is uniquely consistent. Our independent and thorough editorial process ensures journal quality, while over fifty years of consistent, accurate, and complete indexing has created an unparalleled data structure.

Every article and all cited references from every journal have been indexed, creating the most comprehensive and complete citation network to power both confident discovery and trusted assessment. Only the Web of Science Core Collection indexes every piece of content cover-to-cover, creating a complete and certain view of over 115 years of the highest quality research.

We provide your users with high-quality publication and citation data, seamless access to full text, and integrated research workflow tools to discover, access, write and publish more confidently.  

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Web of Science
The world’s largest publisher-neutral citation index and research intelligence platform.

Bring your subscriptions and open access content into your researchers' workflows in one click with Kopernio, a free browser plugin.

Journal Citation Reports
Journal Citation Reports aggregates the meaningful connections of citations created by the research community through the delivery of a rich array of publisher-independent data, metrics and analysis of the world’s most impactful journals included in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), part of the Web of Science Core Collection.

Helping researchers track more of their impact, and helping institutions showcase their influence over world research by providing unprecedented evidence of their researchers' publication, peer review and editorial contributions.

Essential Science Indicators
The Essential Science Indicators database reveals emerging science trends as well as influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals and countries in your field of research.

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
Measure your productivity, benchmark yourself against your peers, find and analyze collaborations and partnerships, and uncover funding opportunities.

API Developer Portal
Web of Science Group APIs seamlessly integrate the world’s best publication and citation data, giving you flexibility and control of the highest-quality and normalized bibliometric indicators.  Power and enrich your institution’s analysis and assessment capabilities.  

Helping your researchers free themselves from the laborious task of manually collecting, curating and sharing their research materials and formatting bibliographies.

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  •  Web of Science Citation Report – Use the Citation Report to find aggregate citation data for a set of papers. Total citations, average citations per paper, h-Index and more.
  •  Discover Trends Using Analyze Results – Mine your search results to uncover top producing authors or organizations, prevalent funders, frequently occurring journals and more. Interactive visualizations let you explore the literature in a whole new way.
  •  Show Your Research Impact with a Publons Profile  help researchers get started with Publons and import their Web of Science publications and citation metrics to showcase the full scope of their impact, including peer review and editorial contributions.
  •  Web of Science: All Databases Search – the Web of Science platform is home to many different databases. Find out how to search across them simultaneously and receive deduplicated results.


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Easy Access to Trusted Full Text

The Web of Science is the most trusted source of Open Access data.

Across the full platform, over 12 million gold and green versioned articles, as well as bronze free-to-read articles, are available from 5,000 fully Open Access journals, as well as hybrid and subscription journals curated by our in-house team and trusted partners.

By using the Web of Science platform, you can extend your full text budget, and better measure and report on the impact of your institution’s investment in Open Access.

Open Access in Web of Science

Kopernio - one-click access to full text PDFs

Bring your subscriptions and open access content into your researchers' workflows in one click with Kopernio, a free browser plugin.

Kopernio for Libraries
  • One-click access to legal full-text articles Kopernio gives your patrons one-click access from within their existing workflows. Help researchers spend less time struggling with access, and more time reading the papers they need, anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamline access both on and off campus – Kopernio lets your patrons seamlessly access their library subscription both on campus via IP authentication, and off-campus using your library’s authentication infrastructure.
  • Ensure your patron's privacy – Kopernio is strongly committed to individual user privacy. All sensitive details are encrypted using industry standard security and never stored on our servers. See our Data Principles for more information.
  • Drive increased usage of your journal entitlements – Kopernio ensures that your library subscriptions and archival entitlements are conveniently available at the point of need across more than 20,000 academic platforms, eliminating the appeal of illegitimate alternatives. Usage is automatically COUNTER compliant so you get visibility of which resources are being used.
  • Find the best legally-available version of a research paper – Kopernio always prioritizes the Version of Record directly from the publisher. When not available via your existing subscription, it will search for an open access alternative in repositories, discovery services and other legitimate sources of access.
  • Builds on your existing authentication systems – Kopernio uses your existing authentication infrastructure and respects your current configuration.
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