Build classroom engagement

through engaging firsthand accounts

ProQuest Women’s & Gender Studies

a rich repository of primary sources.

Forge remarkable connections between then and now by exploring the people and organizations who’ve shaped five centuries of women’s and gender history. 

Letters like the one from Mary Blount, who was left to manage a farm and care for four young children when her husband was drafted in service during the Civil War, can inspire deep classroom discussions about the human cost and current day relevance of a war fought hundreds of years ago.  
A definitive collection that documents history

Developed with faculty, scholars and librarians, ProQuest Women’s & Gender Studies brings together award-winning content into one destination that combines primary and secondary sources, leading historical magazines and periodicals, primary source collections, document projects and exhibits, government materials, video, and essays by top scholars in the field.

Help faculty introduce students to primary sources 
ProQuest Women’s & Gender Studies is intentionally designed to enable students to find the resources they need and help faculty integrate primary sources into their teaching routines. With context like topic pages, timelines and rich supporting context that accompanies many documents, faculty will find it simple to introduce documents to their students. 

Created by faculty for research and learning
The unique, peer-reviewed, faculty created document projects in ProQuest Women’s & Gender Studies are curated around specific topics and research questions connect primary source documents to interpretive essays from leading scholars.

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