As a researcher at Yale University you are already entitled to use unique resources from Clarivate Analytics. The Cushing/Whitney Medical library at Yale University has developed an extended pilot period to MetaCore a leading pathway analysis tool from Clarivate Analytics. This is your opportunity to test MetaCore and provide feedback to the library about this resource during the pilot period.

MetaCore delivers 100% manually curated knowledge on biological systems and provides researchers with a platform to mine knowledge, analyze their data and visualize important results.  This knowledge base contains information on molecular interactions including protein-protein, drug-protein, metabolic reactions, and more to provide researchers with the knowledge needed to accelerate their research. With MetaCore one can:
Perform pathway analysis of OMICs data for drug discovery and disease understanding

Visualize experimental results side-by-side to easily compare different conditions

Assess and validate potential mechanisms of action and biomarkers

Combine variants with other OMICs data for a systems view of a disease

Knowledge mine the underlying database for hypothesis generation
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