Explore Academic Video Online’s Newest Learning Tool: Video Interaction Functionality

Academic Video Online (AVON) is the most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries. With ~80,000 titles, Academic Video Online delivers unlimited access to videos from 60 MINUTES, PBS, BBC, CNN, A+E Networks’ HISTORY®, Encyclopedia Britannica, Crash Course, Royal Shakespeare Company, Qwest TV and more. These documentaries, tutorials, performances and other films will encourage learning in and out of the classroom. 

Our video platform functionality like clip-making, customizable playback speeds, transcript/platform language translations and more makes this an ideal resource for academic institutions. And now Academic Video Online has a new learning tool, video interaction functionality.

For Libraries:
Video interaction functionality offers opportunities for increased usage and ROI and will enhance collaboration with faculty to connect the positive influence library resources have on learning outcomes.

For Faculty: 
It promotes student engagement through assessment tools offering insight into student comprehension of concepts and provides collaboration activities allowing students to discuss topics and expand understanding of lessons. Faculty will have access to real-time analytics to see student responses and adapt teaching, facilitating improved learning outcomes. 

Video interaction functionality:
  • Delivers meaningful ways to leverage streaming video for collaboration, reflection, and assessment of student knowledge and retention of course lessons and concepts. 
  • Enables faculty to embed pedagogical tools throughout streaming videos, including discussion prompts, multiple choice and free form questions, polling, and more. 
  • Can be originally created by faculty or edited from other interactions already available.
  • Allows results to be reported in the gradebook.
  • Gives faculty access to real-time analytics, to see student responses and adapt their teaching based on student comprehension to facilitate improved learning outcomes.
Are you ready to explore video interaction functionality and the wealth of streaming video content available in Academic Video Online?

Watch our latest webinar with Ithaka S+R based on their current research, Teaching with Streaming Video, where we discussed the challenges and opportunities streaming video presents for academic libraries and faculty.

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Move beyond simply watching video to an active learning experience with our newest learning tool: Video Interaction Functionality.

In this video learn how, video interaction functionality will connect library content to the classroom and enhance student engagement for faculty by offering meaningful ways to leverage streaming video for collaboration, reflection, and assessment.