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The CHIPs Act: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Position your institution for success.
The CHIPS Act is a landmark piece of US legislation that promises to inject over $250 Billion in funding over the next decade into scientific research and development projects that support rebuilding the domestic semiconductor industry. You’ll find more resources to learn about the CHIPS Act at the end of this page including webinar resources, blogs and more. 
For research universities, the CHIPS Act represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but competition for the bill’s funding streams will be intense. How can research leaders best position their institutions for success?
Comprehensive analysis and planning can provide major advantages. 
Many academic research leaders have already engaged Clarivate experts for help with the challenges associated with the grant application and positioning themselves to secure funding as soon as applications open. 
With over eight decades of experience, our global team of expert consultants employ Clarivate’s world-class proprietary data repositories including the Web of Science™ together with advanced analytics to help you build a comprehensive strategy and provide solutions to application challenges to help maximize your share of CHIPS Act funding.  
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