Research and Innovation Performance of Malaysian Universities 2013-2017

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About the report

This report is jointly produced by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia and Clarivate Analytics to analyse Malaysia’s research and innovation performance by combining publications and patent information to provide a more holistic insight.

This report aims to identify Malaysia’s research strengths beyond publication output, highlighting its research and innovation quality, research impact, and identifying research areas where Malaysia has global influence. In each of the high impact research areas, the contributing universities and researchers from both the Research Universities (RUs) and Non-RUs are highlighted in hopes that they will continue to attract investment and strengthen their research and nurture talent to pave way for greater global impact and influence.

Key findings


  • The Clinical and Health Sciences cluster is the most competitive cluster, when one considers the number of grant applications and number of awarded grants
  • Malaysia has world-class research and innovation performance in Green Technology.
  • The five Research Universities (RUs) are the main drivers of Malaysia’s research, contributing 60 percent of the nation’s research output between 2013 and 2017 and approximately 77 percent of Highly Cited Papers.
  • Malaysia has produced a considerable number of excellent researchers with 11 of them have at least 5 Highly Cited Papers.
  • There are three inventions from universities in Malaysia that have been highly cited by leading corporations and universities across the world demonstrating the potential commercial influence and impact of Malaysia research innovations.