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Simplification is key - user expectations significantly shape how they perceive your library service, and they are greatly influenced by usability and practical applicability.

Discover in our latest whitepaper how Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of Salford, the University of Windsor, and Washington State University employ technology to adapt to evolving user expectations, thus positioning their libraries for success. 
"As an institution, as a library service, everything that we do tails back to our institutional strategy, our university strategy. So, we need to make sure that when we are implementing solution and systems that they are supporting the core pillars of that strategy – enabling our researchers and students to be successful – and connecting them with content, making things simple, removing the barriers for them to study and get through their degree or research project and at the end of it be successful."
Angela Walker, Digital Library Manager,
University of Salford, UK 

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