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Competition for research funding continues to rise, globally. Yet today’s research offices and research administrators are being pressed to do more for their researchers with fewer resources.  

Expand revenue streams by connecting researchers to an expert-curated global collection of funding with powerful discovery tools. Pivot-RP uses AI and detailed scholarly profiles to automatically match researchers to relevant financial support. Communicate efficiently to researchers and partners using timely and accurate data and leverage trusted funding and policy intelligence to guide strategic planning.  

Pivot-RP is trusted by more than 700 of the world's leading research institutions.

Researchers and administrators can:
  • Access global coverage of available funding opportunities in a single, editorially curated database.
  • Automate the process of finding and sharing thousands of funding opportunities equaling billions of dollars.
  • Discover the widest variety of funding types, including government, foundations, non-profit, corporate, academic and much more.
  • Track opportunities and get alerts and updates on deadlines and other significant changes.
  • Locate potential collaborators from within and outside your institution across millions of integrated scholarly profiles.
  • Add Research Professional News which provides authoritative global news, analysis and comment that helps your entire institution gain better insights to help inform your funding strategies. Research Professional News is available as an add on subscription with our comprehensive Pivot-RP funding solution.
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Pivot-RP is trusted by more than 600 of the world's leading research institutions.

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