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Thinking forward

Library experiences that evolve with user expectations

Statistics show that academic libraries manage collections larger than ever, and yet have 20% fewer staff. While students' expectations and scholarly output volumes continue to rise, libraries are looking to transform their operations with better software.

Read this free whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of how innovative libraries use Alma and Primo to:

  • Increase productivity with unified administrative workflows 
  • Streamline publishing and real-time discovery with automated workflows 
  • Enhance your library impact on research, teaching and learning with with experiences that evolve with user expectations
”The Alma & Primo solution really is wonderful and I recommend it to smaller libraries. It’s not scary as long as you have the right support in place, and we have that from Ex Libris.”
Maryka Brown, Cairnmillar Institute, Australia
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Invest for today and tomorrow
Meet current user needs and be prepared for the future. The continuous development of Alma and Primo is designed to address emerging challenges faced by real users. Get a deeper understanding how your library can always be ahead.

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Optimize your library’s impact

Achieve greater success for your library and users with a proven, flexible and unified library solutions platform. You and your library will operate more efficiently, surpass patron expectations, and exceed institutional goals with Alma.
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Simplify data analysis and processes
  • Capitalize on modern technology 
  • Benefit from community collaboration